Where to settle?

The most asked question on most of the facebook groups for expats making the move over and not sure where to start?  All the same questions…job opportunities, schools, lifestyle, expense?

This is always a difficult one to figure and I personally didn’t even know where to start but for the most, it starts by seeing where one could potentially secure work.  Should you wish to live and work inside London, you will absolutely get a higher salary however you also will pay a significantly higher rental and less space.  The further north you go the cheaper property prices are. The other option would be to find areas that are on good transport links directly into London and you can always decide how long of a commute you are willling to do into work. Most people generally commute an hour so again this will depend on where your work is based so that you are not having to travel all the way north of London if you’ve decided to settle somewhere south.

Should you have children, the best thing to do is look at the schools in the area and do some reading on the Ofsted reports as this gives you a starting point as to which schools to choose however you will need to be within a particular catchment area to qualify for that particular school.

I was also referred to this website which may be of interest or helpful.  I found it quite busy but perhaps it can assist:



Its all about Attitude


Something we’ve all been talked about to at some stage or another whether you were a child with a poor attitude according to your parents, teachers, friends for even as an adult with the same kind of reference.

Deciding to immigrate is probably one of the most exciting, terrifying, stressful, massive planning, expensive and craziest thing to go through with many factors that will make the move either a fabulous experience or something that can cause people physical illness.

Personally I have swung from the two extremes many times and to say that one does not go through an emotional roller coaster as some part of the journey is an understatement!  I have in fact made a move to a new country twice both at very different times in my life and yet both times also had its ups and downs and was both extremely exhilarating and at other times extremely challenging but for me and for what I have experienced speaking to those in this boat, it all boils down to ATTITUDE! No matter what you are faced in life, one does not always have a choice with what one goes through but always have a choice how to react to it.  Sometimes we get this right and other times we get it VERY wrong!  The idea is to constantly take responsibility for how we react.

So what ever your reasons are to immigrate, and what ever your adventures or challenges are, embrace the right attitude! What attitude am I talking of? An attitude of gratitude, no matter how dark the days may appear (especially in winter lol) and an attitude of giving up is never an option.  Embrace every new challenge, culture and other ways of doing things.  Sometimes talking less and listening more can in fact bring about a better way of understanding and accomplishing things.  Let go of the things that are perhaps beneath you and embrace the learning, but in the same sense, don’t loose your values, standards and morals during the process. Stand against the injustices, make your mark, made a difference each day, albeit its just to smile at a stranger.

Have FUN! Walk! Discover new ways to get home! LAUGH! Blow bubbles! YEs like when you were kids, in fact buy a bubble machine and let it blow on auto! LOVE! Love your family, Love yourself, Love God and Love those around you! Let go of the hurt, the what ifs, the anger and any emotion that can cause your heart to Harden and then breathe 😉


Commissioner of Oaths in the UK

For those of you who are used to popping down to the local police station to get a document signed by a Commissioner of Oaths, you are in for a shock. It is not that simple. Firstly you need need an attorney, a solicitor. Not just any solicitor, if it is for a document to be used elsewhere. For that you need a Notary Public.

I was referred to a web site https://www.thenotariessociety.org.uk/ for a list which gave me the option of just one. One who happened to be unavailable until next week.

So this is something, like most things, that needs to be planned well in advance.