Tram system

I took the train up to East Croydon as I had an appointment to view a takeaway which is for sale in Biggin Hill.

Fresh fruit and vegetables - Street market Croydon

From the station caught a tram to New Addington which was a first time experience.  No tickets, no cash transactions. Instead there are card readers at the tram stops which accept contactless cards.

I still had an Oyster card from when I arrived two years ago and waved it uncertainly at the reader.

Travelling by tram in the UK - Tickets

I am still not certain how it works and whether it did deduct what it should have done. The reader asks one to tap in to validate. If you get confused, as I did, and tap it again, it suggests you seek help.

Who from I am not sure.

I just climbed on the next tram to see what happens next. Apparently journeys are one pound fifty on a designated route irrespective of where you get on or off.

Tram lines East Croydon

But as I understand it you are supposed to tap in and out and I suspect I am missing something.  But as long as you are clutching a card that works I am sure someone will eventually appear to check who is paying and who is not and they will explain.

Public schools

We arrived in the UK at the end of January and finding a school for the kids is not easy. Our youngest is fouteen and despite the fact he is going to have to catch up all the time he has spent gaming, he should cope. Wheras the eldest is seventeen and should be looking at college and A levels.

This is going to be a problem as he has not done his GCSE’s which he needs.