Qualifying income

It is a lot easier to meet the minimum income requirement when applying for further leave to remain and when there are two of you working. It is also a lot less stressful when the family is together doing what families do.

But it is important to stay focused and to know the requirements.


South east

Arundel rises out of the Sussex water meadows, turreted castle walls and the Catholic Cathedral dominating the skyline. Built on a steep hill, quaint bric-a-brac shops and tea rooms line the narrow streets.

Living in Arundel West Sussex

If you are thinking of moving to Arundel it is home to a small community. There are no large supermarkets, malls or chain stores.

It is a small country town.

There are two very good primary schools and St Philip Howard’s Catholic Secondary in Barnham. The town is on the London Victoria Line with easy access to Bighton, Portsmouth, Southampton and Chichester. Otherwise there is no public transport and a car is necessary.