Airport taxis Haslemere

My search for a small takeaway business took me to Haslemere. It is an attractive little town. But came away with the distinct impression that it would end up irritating the hell out of me.

It appears to have split into two. Either side of the railway station.

I arrived early and wandered up into town to find breakfast. There were more than enough restaurants willing to serve me coffee. But they were mostly various shades of your standard coffee chain. Too busy to bother with anything other than clients on the run. Breakfast Baps and pancakes. No full English breakfast in Haslemere anywhere except for the last one I tried.

And that I enjoyed.

Sat down to a filter coffee and pulled out my newspaper.

The other irritation was was a pub menu which deliberately ommited the prices. Pretentious, overdone and to be avoided. When I spoke to a local and asked the obvious question it was decribed as being a bit like just another Weatherspoons experience.

I suspect life in Haslemere would eventually get to me. Despite the fact the other side of town is more normal. Or so it would appear.

The owner, or one of the three owners, of the takeaway I had come to see, runs a taxi service in Haslemere. He has lived in the area for the past fourteen years and spends his time running an airport shuttle service from the London airports to Haslemere. They offer a twety four hour taxti service



Taxis to the airport from Haslemere

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