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One has got to question

Drug Name: Modafinil (Provigil, Modalert, Modvigil, etc.)
Tablet Strength: 200mg
Best Price: $0.79
Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency
Shipping: FREE | Arriving: EU 1-5 business days, Worldwide 1-3 weeks

For the vast majority of users, a single 200mg tablet offers the following benefits:

‘Laser-like’ focus for 12+ hours
Increased productivity
Improved cognition
Enhanced memory retention
Inability to feel fatigued

Modafinil was discovered in 1974 by two scientists working for the French drug company L. Lafon Ltd. Clinical trials revealed that it acts as a powerful ‘wakefulness-promoting’ drug (or ‘eugeroic’).

It entered the French market under the brand name ‘Modiodal’ [2] in 1994 and soon gained a reputation for being a safe and effective way of treating adults who suffer narcolepsy [3]. Over time, doctors began prescribing it for other sleep-related ailments like sleep apnea and shift work disorder.

Modafinil was launched under the brand-name ‘Provigil’ in the UK in March 1998 and soon became a popular narcolepsy treatment here too. However, Provigil’s potential “off label” benefits drew widespread attention after numerous scientific studies showed it to act as a powerful cognitive enhancer [4]. In clinical settings, Provigil has been shown to work wonders for everything from schizophrenia [5], to ADHD [6], and even cocaine addiction [7].

During the early 2000s, ‘off prescription’ (self-administered) Modafinil use became widespread among students, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who were looking to gain a competitive edge. Modafinil quickly became the UK’s most widely used ‘smart’ drug, or nootropic

When taken ‘off prescription’ by people without narcolepsy, Modafinil acts as an extremely strong stimulant. It dramatically ramps up levels of dopamine and histamine [9], which gives users a sense of extreme mental clarity and concentration [10].

The excess dopamine is responsible for most of Modafinil’s cognitive benefits — like improved memory and critical thinking skills [11]. Dopamine is a proven mood-enhancer and gives just about anyone the opportunity to get more stuff done without getting distracted.

So what side effects can you expect if you take Modafinil? What do you need to know about safely using Modafinil as a nootropic?

Modafinil has a strong safety profile. It produces relatively few side effects when taken under a doctor’s supervision at the recommended dose of 100-200mg per day [13]. But it is a potent prescription medication and all users must take it responsibly. It’s certainly not an everyday drug; we personally don’t take it any more than twice a week.

According to official recommendations, you should not take Modafinil if you:

Are pregnant.
Suffer from anxiety or depression.
Are currently on prescription medication that may interact with Modafinil.

Provided you’re not on that list, what should you be aware about?

Our personal safety concern with Modafinil is that there hasn’t been much research into its ‘off prescription’ use as a “smart drug” or “study drug.” But one of the best studies to date looked at the side effects caused by a 200mg dose of Modafinil in people who didn’t have narcolepsy [15]. This study’s findings do not substitute doctor’s advice, but are helpful for anyone who is thinking about taking Modafinil ‘off prescription.’

The most common side effects were a dry mouth, diarrhea, headaches, and mild nausea. Luckily, these side effects were extremely mild and temporary, so most users likely don’t have much to worry about when taking 200mg or less of Modafinil.

That being said, all individuals will respond to Modafinil differently, depending on a range of factors including their health, medical history, genetics, and whether they are taking any other prescription drugs.

For example, one person may experience a headache after taking 100mg of Modafinil while another individual may tolerate a 200mg dose without experiencing any side effects.

Therefore, it’s important for all users to monitor their body and assess how they feel while taking Modafinil.

When taken at very high doses, Modafinil can produce some rare side effects such as vertigo, dizziness, and hallucinations. If you experience these side effects, you must stop using Modafinil and seek medical attention immediately

But at doses of 100-200mg, both clinical studies and anecdotal experience have shown that most people tolerate Modafinil very well.

So, is it legal to buy Provigil in the United Kingdom? Of course — provided you’re doing so by the book.

After all, Modafinil is regulated as a prescription-only medication by the UK government.

Let’s break it down:

Modafinil, whether generic or Provigil, is a prescription-only medication (POM) in the UK [17].
You’re authorized to purchasedModafinil from a pharmacy in the United Kingdom if you hold a prescription from a British doctor [18].
If you hold a prescription for Modafinil that was issued in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, a pharmacist in the UK will exercise his or her professional discretion in deciding whether or not to honor it.

On the prescribing side, British GPs are only likely to prescribe Modafinil to patients upon a diagnosis of narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or shift work disorder.

You cannot be prescribed Modafinil for its ‘off prescription’ (nootropic) benefits, or buy it over-the-counter (OTC) from a pharmacy in the United Kingdom without a prescription.

However, what about ordering online? Are there legal issues to worry about when buying Modafinil online and having it shipped to the United Kingdom?

Based exclusively on our experience, NO…

And our UK team members will continue with this route.

Here’s why:

Possession of a POM is only illegal in the United Kingdom if the pharmaceutical drug is controlled by the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 [19]. Currently, Modafinil is not on this list — nor have we ever seen a proposal for its inclusion. As such, possession of Modafinil is not considered a punishable offense.
Moreover, Modafinil is not listed in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 [20].

So because Modafinil is not listed in either the Misuse of Drugs Act or the Psychoactive Substances Act, it appears that it’s 100% legal to possess this drug for personal use — even if you don’t have a prescription for it.

But here’s where you should pay attention.

Under The Medicines Act 1968, it is an offense to sell Modafinil to anyone in the UK, unless you have a license to do so. In other words, you certainly shouldn’t buy some for a friend or order in bulk for purposes of reselling. That’s illegal.

Given these considerations, it doesn’t shock us that we haven’t read a single report of anyone in the UK facing legal action for ordering a reasonable amount of Modafinil for personal use. We’re talking enough to last you around three months. For most people, this means fewer than 100 tablets.

Just to repeat: those who have ordered this quantity (or less) of Modafinil have had no problems receiving their orders, especially when ordering from one of our recommended vendors.

Let’s say, in the off-chance import controls “catch” your smart drugs in-transit.. What’s likely to be the worst-case scenario? Your package gets confiscated by import controls and customs destroys it. But even if that does happen, any reliable online Modafinil pharmacy would issue you a refund or a free reshipment. Your choice.

No harm. No foul.

So, is Modafinil legal in the UK?

Our understanding is that it’s 100% legal to possess but 100% illegal to resell (unless you’re a licensed pharmacist). .

In other words, we do not see any practical risk of ordering online. But again, we’re only speaking from our experience and this isn’t legal advice. We encourage you to do your due diligence and always abide by UK laws.

Life in Bristol

Bristol is beautiful. I don’t know if the residents who live here really understand just how beautiful this city is.

As a newcomer from South Africa I am blown away by the old buildings, the art gallery, the university, the parks and gardens.  So thank you Bristol, and thank you to all my new friends, I could not feel more welcome if I tried.

Onward ever onward

There are three guarantees in life.  Tax, change, and death.

This journal is mainly about change. I will pay the tax that I am obliged to pay and not begrudge Caesar what is due to Caesar. Death will find me. when it finds me. But until it does I will be elusive, fit, and as alive as a bee in a bottle.

At 81, and having moved a number of times in my life, from Pretoria to Kempton Park, back to Pretoria, back to Kempton Park, to Kensington in Johannesburg, high on the ridge, to Knysna, I was not daunted by the prospect of moving to Bristol in the UK. A slightly longer jump to a totally new environment and country, but just another move. Another change.

The transition from the idealistic dream of being a pastor and preaching the gospel to laying bricks and building homes, may seem extreme but in reality it is simply the manifestation of life. The nub of that being the fact that God laughs when we say we are planning to do whatever we are planning to do. In retrospect it seems that I was destined to build stuff.  Either houses, or additions to houses, or the complete rebuilding of houses, or businesses. A. lawnmower repair business,

Broadband services

I started with Talk Talk and never had a problem till my special offer expired and they bumped up my rates by sixty percent. Not understanding how the system works, this irritated me to point where I cancelled their service. Vowing to never use them again.

My next service provider was BT

But that was an unhappy arrangement from the start. For one reason or another I was unable to collect mail from my websites and I couldn’t get answers to the problem other than “it’s not our problem”.

So I decided to move to Plusnet. Their radio ads assured me they had awards for five start customer service.














The consumer

All it takes is an advisory stating that there is no need to panic and off they go, to queue for that last roll of toilet paper.

The Brits love to queue.

Queues at the petrol station in Emsworth

To squeeze the last drop out of the petrol pump to create the problem everyone knew was comming.


Let’s put it this way.

After particularly grim weather the evening before I made a point of putting up an Ad for Dad’s Garden & Landscaping company. This after delivering a pizza to their door in a howling gale. One that inched open ever so slowly to frame the smiling face a Dad’s very cute daughter handing me a two pound coin.

So to answer your question; are you expected to tip? No it is not expected.

But does it make a difference. Hell yes! It does. Tipping is not expected in the UK in the way it is in other countries. All staff in the UK, must by law, be paid at least the National Minimum Wage…wada…wada….wada

Listening & Understanding test

Applying for further leave to remain on a spouse visa in the UK is straight forward. Or so it would seem. The only complication I can see, bar the minimum income requirement, is the need to pass a language competency test.

This requires an A2 Listening and Understanding test which can be taken with four approved providers:

IELTS SELT Consortium



Trinity College London

There are tutorials on You Tube

Apparently you can also sit for a B1 test, which if passed, can be used when it comes time to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

Qualifying income

It is a lot easier to meet the minimum income requirement when applying for further leave to remain and when there are two of you working. It is also a lot less stressful when the family is together doing what families do.

But it is important to stay focused and to know the requirements.


South east

Arundel rises out of the Sussex water meadows, turreted castle walls and the Catholic Cathedral dominating the skyline. Built on a steep hill, quaint bric-a-brac shops and tea rooms line the narrow streets.

Living in Arundel West Sussex

If you are thinking of moving to Arundel it is home to a small community. There are no large supermarkets, malls or chain stores.

It is a small country town.

There are two very good primary schools and St Philip Howard’s Catholic Secondary in Barnham. The town is on the London Victoria Line with easy access to Bighton, Portsmouth, Southampton and Chichester. Otherwise there is no public transport and a car is necessary.