Beware the 28 day rule

I have submitted our application for a spouse visa and am now nipping straws.

I have made two fundamental errors which will most likely result in us having to submit another application at a cost of an additional six thousand pounds for my wife and two boys.

The first mistake was the date on my employers letter which was more than twenty eight days prior to submitting the application.

I also assumed incorrectly, that the submission date would be after the appointment for the biometrics.  At the time they upload the checklist and submit everything for processing.

But I was wrong.

The submission date is the date you complete the application form and submit it to Just after paying for the visa and the Immigration Health Surcharge and before you are taken through to the agency to upload your documents and make an appointment for doing the biometrics .

Consequently I ended up only submitting  payslips and bank details for ten months prior to the application date and two more after the application date.

Don’t ask – Working on the VFS web site and uploading supporting documents is a nightmare.

[EDIT 27/12/19] Despite my worst fears my wife’s visa has been approved. I think it was seventeen days on priority, late November into the holiday period, when they are less busy. However we are still waiting for them to request payment for the boys IHS and their visas.

So we are not in the clear just yet and the chances are that we are going to have to request an extension of my wife’s 30 day vignette.



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