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You don’t need any qualifications to home educate your kids in the UK.
It is legal to home educate in any way you see fit. You must deregister your kids from school if they are registered with a school .
 But that’s only if they’re already in a school in the UK that you need to deregister. If you’re fresh to the country and never registered with the school then you just carry on 🙂

Wolsey Hall Oxford


Facebook groups

The UK Homeschool

Home Education UK FB FORUM https://www.facebook.com/groups/HEUKForum/?hc_location=ufi

Home Education UK              https://m.facebook.com/groups/123262191031892

Home Education UK Exams & Alternatives https://m.facebook.com/groups/372952306164915…

Home Schooling UK                https://www.facebook.com/groups/homeschooluk/

UK Unschooling Network if you do more child led learning

We continued our homeschooling since we have moved to the UK. It is completely legal and there are some counties with huge home school communities.
Some local authorities of counties can give you a bit of grief. Apparently kent, Devon and Berkshire local authorities are very strict and over bearing
Join Home Education and your Local Authority: Help with dealing with officialdom to get an understanding of the issues.



there a good few online Cambridge providers. I honestly would not do CAPS.


I’ve taken a look at Think Digital. 3 questions: must textbooks still be purchased or are they available digitally? How often would the kids need to go to Tutor centres we are about 3hrs away from the nearest on in Cape Town) and lastly. How do I determine which year my kids will be in once in the UK?


I have also been looking into changing my kids from CAPS to Cambridge and found a home schooling facility in Bedfordview, but i cant begin to tell you how expensive these places are. I saw you folks mention think digital college. I looked into them and was so surprised at how reasonably priced they are. I’m so worried i go the wrong route and ruin my kids education. I dont know if we must go the expensive route or the reasonable think digital route. Can any of you give me more info if you have also reached this crossroad in your journey? And if any of you have put your kids through think digital and what your thoughts are. My kids are currently in grade 10 and 6. Thank you


When considering the homeschool/Cambridge option, remember there is a difference between Cambridge “aligned” and Cambridge “accredited”. Aligned means that they follow the similar coursework but are not accredited by Cambridge. You are welcome to PM me if you like. I homeschool my 5 boys and we have taken the Cambridge route with an online college in the UK.

You have to be resident in UK to be eligible for university loan for 3 years continuously. If not you pay international student fees, about £6000 higher than local fees plus pay for accommodation etc and would be looking at around £25 000 for a year. We have just gone through this with our son who has to take a gap year now, prior to taking up his university offer. You also have to apply for a uni place through UCAS which your child’s 6th Form college assists with.

https://www.ucas.com has every bit of info you need for university entrance. Including student loans. You start paying interest over £25000 buy only on the amount you earn over the threshold.

GED online academy, equal to GCSE, all online tutoring and tons of free supplementary stuff on YouTube. That’s what my son did in SA before he left. Got into tertiary college course with it. Costs much much less than other places. Only problem I think you can only take it from 16. So your eldest will be OK.

Just one potential snag for your grade 10. You need to be resident in the UK for 3 years before university starts to get the already expensive local university fees of £9k per year and student loans otherwise you’re classified as an overseas student with massive fees. Matric is not Worth staying for


It is better to get your kids into UK system as soon as possible. You should seriously consider Scotland as the jump for school is easier than England and Wales. The kids finish school at 18 not 16 had I known that before moving over I wouldn’t have bothered with homeschooling. My son could have just slotted in as the don’t move kids up by age here. But everyone wants to run to South of England for the weather and to pay high rent.


The schools here have great support to help them catch up so don’t worry. Language is dependent on school some have French, Spanish, German and mandarin others just one or two and some have welsh or Gaelic. But for GCSE that’s our matric level equivalent they need not take a language. Language learning here though is fun and to practice it the kids go to the countries so at our sons school they do Spanish and German and the groups are going to Spain and Germany to practice the language and culture


I am also looked into this but my child is younger. Have a look at The School Run or Inter high for online tutoring and then if/when you know where you are going to settle, search online for homeschooling network. I found there were so many resources available.




If your child has never been to a school in the UK you don’t even have to let your council know. I’ve done a lot of research into it in the last few weeks. Search Facebook for groups on the area you will be settling into. I would highly recommend getting a curriculum close to the national curriculum in case your child needs to go to school for some reason. Cost for a curriculum I was looking at was about £400 a year but it really depends on what you go for. Check this out Wolsey hall oxford. You can get online tutors. Kids could do extra murals to get to know others. Homeschooling is becoming so much bigger that there is bound to be a group in the area or close too and they should organise outings or get togethers. Hope this helps a little. Uk gov website has info on it too. If my daughter wasn’t so stubborn and strong willed I would so so so so homeschool her. But we are so similar we’d bump heads ALL the time and she’s only in reception. Goodluck I highly recommend it as a qualified teacher myself.


I have done a levels through national extension college in uk, they do IGCSE as well. May be worth a look


Have a look at Brainline.


https://www.clonard.co.za/ this is truly the best, easiest and prices are very reasonable. They offer all SA subjects for all grades and no accessors needed. The books are unfortunately hard copy which you would need to have shipped to UK, my high school daughter is on it and it is a perfect system for overseas and travelling. They also offer the cambridge courses too


Took our son out of school in SA as it was a waste of time continuing with SA curriculum, due to him being 16 already in gr 9. Started him on American GED ,once he has that is is equal to GCSE and its all online and works out a fraction of the price of IGCSE. No text books, tons of online support and study guides. search GED online academy.

homemadeeducation.com English
net-school.co.uk Expensive
We use mathswatch bought through pop art Facebook page at a big discount.

Is your son still on the school roll, ie EOTAS? Is he likely to be taking his exams back in school? Or has he been deregistered and are you home educating for the foreseeable future?
I ask because it’s quite tricky to find an exam centre for GCSE English language as a private candidate and therefore home Ed children usually do IGCSE English language instead. There are 3 syllabus options for IGCSE English language, so if your son is likely to be taking English as a private candidate you might want to first see what exam boards your local centre is registered for and then choose a syllabus. Different online English courses and tutors will focus on different syllabuses, so it’s best to know what exams can be sat at your local exam centres to help you make a decision about the right course.
Most home Ed English courses online will be aimed at IGCSE English. If your son is still registered at school and there is an arrangement for him to sit his exams at his previous school, as an internal (not private) candidate, then he will be most likely sitting GCSE English language. You will therefore need a course that is aimed at GCSE English language, not IGCSE.
You’ve probably already read this, but this link is a useful guide to sitting exams as a home Ed student, compared with as a student student. https://he-exams.wikia.org/…/Considering_Home_Education…
This is a good page about the options for English https://he-exams.wikia.org/wiki/English
And for maths https://he-exams.wikia.org/wiki/Maths
And you’ll find a list of course providers that some home edders use, here : https://he-exams.wikia.org/wiki/CorrespondenceCourses
You don’t have to use a course for any GCSE/IGCSE subjects, if you don’t want to. Many subjects can be done simply using the correct textbook and free or cheap online resources.


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