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My South Africa
We live in a South Africa where hope has become a stranger, where humanity is an alien and our best friends are hate and greed. This is a nation of predators that hunt the weak and vulnerable,where the system works against the victims and not even an academic gown can withstand the brutality of the system. Women and children are butchered, our elders are forgotten and that is my home. Jobs are sold, not for sale but at a sky rocketing price, poverty becomes a norm and success is a shock. The government has forgotten its responsibilities and my brother has planted hate deep in his heart, he reeps of murder, he reeps of theft, he reeps of no hope and the scares of hunger are art work on his face. South AFRICA IS MY HOME. We call well mannered people weak at home, we take and have killed the power to ask, where women are just a sex symbol that entises the men soul and well powered women are regarded to have made it to the top cause they…. My home is one of a kind, but still it is my home and I was wondering if you’d like to come in?

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