The 30 day vignette

This is a crazy process. One never quite knows where you are or what the next step should be. We need to extend my wife’s vignette and all I have are questions.

For the benefit of others who have to do this, here is what I did:

  1. Needed a new ‘Entry Clearance’ vignette in wife’s passport due to a change in travel plans which meant travelling after the 30 day period stated on the vignette.
  2. You need to do an online application via the VFS website, but choose ‘visa type’ as ‘Other’ and select ‘Vignette Transfer’. Complete the online visa form, which is an abridged version of the Spouse Visa form. The requested ‘valid from’ date must be within three months of the date of ONLINE application.
  3. Pay online (188USD in my case).
  4. Choose VFS Trendy appointment date and time, and print out form.
  5. Wife has to go to VFS, Trendy, with passport, photo and signed print-out of form.
  6. Biometrics taken again.
  7. A week later the passport came back with ‘CANCELLED’ stamped across the original vignette and a new vignette in place, with the new date.

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